The Fine Art of Grace at 2016 Yale Writers' Conference

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Our business niche is to serve the many sophisticated and socially aware readers whose literary tastes remain unanswered by the business models of mainstream book publishers.

We're building a business model for devoted book lovers in which great books with authentic literary value create a platform to enrich our literary culture. We are prepared for avid readers to discover today and for decades downstream those masterpieces written now.

If a book is masterfully written with a voice steeped in humanity, then we are more apt to explore it for publication. Our readers are moved and challenged by the innovation of new literary styles.

We sense that if we bring to light books which genuinely enhance American literary culture, then enduring profitability will follow. In some cases the secondary market for our first editions among eclectic book buyers is making the case for their inherent literary value.

Navigating New York's Underground for a New Novel

As research for The Fine Art of Grace, we spent many days traveling the subways beneath the streets of New York City with a simple, high-resolution iPhone 6 to photograph the neglected masterpiece mosaics, which reside there pointing millions of travelers to destinations all over the City.

We dared to venture uptown from Harlem and Columbia to midtown, downtown and Brooklyn compiling 50 original, 4-color images for this work of creative non-fiction some of which may be previewed in this Gallery and all of which are available in print or on Kindle.

This book was a fascinating and occasionally dangerous creative project because the subway platforms were narrow and we navigated gingerly around the obstacles and denizens of the underground like Beatrice and Dante in The Divine Comedy. The City was the Grand Artisan shaping this epic Metropolitan Comedy in a masterful mosaic with tiles forged in the kiln of human experience beneath the streets of New York City.

We'll never forget what we learned from our wanderings through the auspices of the Metropolitan Transit Authority whose high-functioning and on-schedule trains are truly a miraculous wonder of modern civilization. 

The MTA brought us safe passage throughout New York reliably, thriftily and rapidly as James Joyce wrote in Finnegan's Wake: “riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back.”


Early, mint-condition editions of our Bloomsday: The Bostoniad continue to command impressive listing prices.

Our second book of sonnets published on March 4th and people have been saying nice things since we innovated with new 7-beat sonnet forms.

Our second book of sonnets published on March 4th and people have been saying nice things since we innovated with new 7-beat sonnet forms.

In November 2014 we began to rollout the first of our Masterpiece Classic Series featuring genius literary works. The first books in this series were Walden and Civil Disobedience as well as in December Cape Cod by Henry David Thoreau with "An Introduction to Thoreau" written by David B. Lentz.

Socially aware, we give back where we live and work proactively by supporting charitable associations for literacy, homelessness and child health worldwide.

We're a Proust Society Member of the Center for Fiction in New York, the Academy of American PoetsPoetry Society of America, the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, and the Royal Society of Literature in London.

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